Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP)

Current Operations

Location of Efforts (Last Updated 18 Aug. 2010)

5500 Patients have been treated in Mianwali, 68,000 in R.Y Khan and 3000 people have been provided Food and NFIs in Layyah.


2 Responses to Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP)

  1. zubair ali says:

    it is stated respectfully,that i fell down in a big problem.
    I belong District Muzafar Garh teh kot adu, Due to flood ,my house is to be destroyed and crops also big effected.
    According to daily news paper jang 15.5 lakh persons and 131293 houses and 6 lakh aikar crops is to be effected .The more effectable area is our area,because we are near to TAUNSA BARRAGE , where flood is started.Now i am not in possition to construct my house and also recovered my cultivation.I request to you bring me out fo this trouble by managing maximum finacial help.I shall be very thankful to you for act of this kindness.
    you dont know me.if you visit our area, i feel happy.

    Zubair Ali

  2. Mushtaq Ahmad says:

    no reliefe in our area. our area is situated near Multan road Basti karori mouza radho teh kot addu dist Muzaffar garh.

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