Profile: Islamic Relief USA


  • International non-profit organization with mission to alleviate poverty, suffering, illiteracy, and hunger and many countries around the world.
  • Projects have addressed primary education, child mortality, gender equality, maternal health.

Current Operations

Flood Relief Efforts

(As of 1 September 2010)

  • Increased original $1 million appeal to $6 million in response to increased flooding and suffering
  • Working to provide $23 million aid shipment of medical supplies and medicines
  • Assisted more than 100,000 flood victims thus far
  • Setting up mobile health clinics in Muzaffargarh to help curb spread of disease
  • Administering camps housing thousands of internally displaced people and setting up another camp for hundreds more
  • Hundreds of Islamic Relief staff-members working in four flood-hit provinces: Kyber-Pakhtubkhwa (KPK), Balochistan, Punjab, and Pakistan-administered Kashmir (AJK)
  • Providing cooked food to hundreds of starving families in Charsadda
  • Distributed food packs to benefit thousands of displaced flood victims in disaster zone
  • Provided family hygiene kits, household kits, kitchen sets, water jugs and other emergency supplies to benefit tens of thousands of people
  • Distributing hundreds of tents and emergency shelters to help house thousands of flood victims
  • Setting up hygiene sessions to educate flood victims about importance of hygiene for their health

(As of 17 August 2010)

Islamic Relief USA has launched a $2 million campaign to help the victims, and more than 500 Islamic Relief staff are on the ground distributing aid, conducting needs assessments and helping in the general relief effort.

Contact Information

Islamic Relief USA,
3655 Wheeler Ave,
Alexandria, VA 22304

Toll Free Ph: 1 (888) 479-4968



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