Profile: Global Medic


DMGF was created in the spring of 1998 in honour of David McAntony Gibson, who tragically lost his life on February 7, 1998.

A remarkable man who believed in taking the time to help those around him both near and far, Mr. Gibson will be remembered by his friends, family and peers as caring, compassionate and dedicated. In keeping with David’s spirit, DMGF is designed to help those in need around the world by providing relief supplies and equipment, and has adopted “Serving the Global Community” as its motto.

DMGF will launch programs designed to strengthen the delivery of emergency medical services in the Third world. These objectives will be obtained by the procurement of equipment, medicine, and supplies, as well as funding the delivery of training packages.

The bottom line is simple: DMGF will strive to be an efficient aid agency that delivers the maximum amount of aid with a minimum operating cost.

Current Operations

Flood Relief Efforts

(Update- 7 September , 2010)

GlobalMedic is now fully operational in 2 locations in Pakistan including Daira Din Panah in Punjab Province and Sukkur in Sindh Province. At each location, a 22 ft by 42 ft inflatable field hospital has been installed, in addition to a Nomad water purification unit (100 litres per minute). The hospital in Punjab is serving as a primary health care facility while the one in Sindh is functioning as a Diahhrea Treatment Centre (DTC) and cholera response centre. To date, GlobalMedic hospitals in Pakistan have treated more than 16,800 patients. In addition, our teams have purified over 1 million litres of water, and distributed it to flood victims in desperate need.

A 5 member Rapid Response Team is on the ground working around the clock to provide health care and clean drinking water to flood victims. In the coming days, several more Canadian emergency service volunteers will be joining them in the field to increase the capacity of our operations. GlobalMedic is deploying a third inflatable field hospital, in addition to a third Nomad water purification unit. Our RRT, in partnership with Islamic Help UK, is currently assessing locations in Sindh to commence activities on this third operational site. GlobalMedic has been working together with Islamic Help UK in KPK, Punjab and Sindh since the beginning of August. Working closely together we have been able to maximize the efficiency of our operations to target the largest number of flood affected people.

(Update – 30 August, 2010)

Over the weekend, GlobalMedic shipped additional equipment to Pakistan consisting of an second inflatable field hospital, 10 million Aquatabs and a Nomad water purification unit. The 4th GlobalMedic Rapid Response Team will deploy to Karachi on Tuesday and being instatallation and distribution with the team that is currenltly in the field.

The 2nd field hospital will be installed in Sukkur, Sindh Province, along with the Nomad.

To-date, GlobalMedic has shipped and donated the following items:

  • 2 Nomad Water Purification Units
  • 16 Trekker Water Purification Units
  • 2 Inflatable Field Hospitals
  • 13 million Aquatabs
  • 166,080 Oral Rehydration Sachets
  • $600,000 in essential medicine

(As of 18 Aug. 2010)

  • GlobalMedic’s Rapid Response Team has been operational in the District of Nowshera for the past week providing clean drinking water through the use of water purification units, Aquatabs and PUR Purifier of Water. The Nomad water purification unit has been installed in a mosque in Nowshera Calan, and 4 Trekkers water purification units have been installed in hospitals and schools.
  • The team has ramped up operations and will set up the inflatable field hospital in D.D. Panah, a union council in district Muzzafa Ghar, one of the hardest hit and underserved in Punjab province. Additionally, the team will be setting up a Nomad beside the hospital to provide water to the people in the immediate area, as well as set up a truck distribution system to get water to outlying areas.
  • To date GlobalMedic has deployed the following aid; – 1 inflatable field hospital – Essential medicine and equipment to support the field hospital – 3 million water purification tablets – 100,000 Oral Rehydration Salt Sachets – 9 water purification units
  • GlobalMedic is in seeking additional funds to support the shipment of more water purification units and purification tablets

Location of Efforts (Last Updated 18 Aug. 2010)


  • Muzzafa Ghar


  • Nowshera



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