Profile: Balochistan Rural Support Program


Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) is an autonomous not-for-profit organization working in the rural areas of Balochistan. The overall mission of BRSP is to facilitate the establishment and improvement of sustainable livelihoods of the rural poor in Balochistan.

Current Operations

(As of 6 Sept. 2010)


  • Since the heavy influx of IDPs into Quetta from the flood affected districts of both the provinces, Balochistan & Sind, BRSP served 101 families with cooked food in Al-Huda International-IDP camp located at eastern by pass, Quetta.
  • Distribution of dry ration to 4,940 families in 5 union councils of district Kohlu and Barkhan supported by WFP.
  • Distribution of food packages is continued these days in Quetta and Jhal Magsi districts. While, the distribution of food items in Mastung, Kalat & Khuzdar has been completed.
  • So far 9,878 families have been benefited via distribution of dry ration; the numbers of total individual in 9,878 families are 30,855.


Provision of basic health service has also been one of the prioritized areas for BRSP to the IDPs, thereby; BRSP has so far treated 3,618 patients in the districts of Naseerabad, Quetta, Jhal Magsi Sibi and Kohlu through mobile medical camps.


BRSP has so far reached 11,319 families in provision of WASH facilities in IDP camps of Naseerabad, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, Sibi and Quetta. Following are the subsector, beneficiary family and beneficiary individual wise details:

  • Through the installation of 52 water storage tanks, BRSP provided clean drinking water to 2,072 families that included 8,077 individuals in 7 IDP camps of Al-Huda International-IDP camp located at eastern by pass, Quetta,and New Banidni IDP camp, Boy Scout IDP camp, Mangoly IDP Camp in Naseerabad, Subat Sarahy IDPs camp in Sibi and Jamali Bypass IDP Camp Jaffarabad.
  • Regarding the provision of Sanitation facilities in IDP camps, BRSP has so far installed 217 pit latrines that benefited 3,766 families and 22,123 individuals across the IDP Camps of districts Quetta, Naseerabad, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi & Sibi.
  • 51 bathrooms are installed and benefiting 1,744 families and 7,983 individuals. 2 washing pads for cloths washing have also been installed.
  • BRSP delivered personal health and hygiene messages to 3,860 men and women various IDP camps in Quetta.
  • For the Household/family level clean drinking water storage, BRSP distributed 3,176 Jerry Cans so far in Fateh Pur IDP Camp in Jhal Magsi and IDP Camps of Quetta district Kidney Center, Musa Colony and Wahdat Colony.
  • 1,577 hygiene kits have been distributed in IDP Camps Kidney Center, Musa Colony and Wahdat Colony, Quetta and Mangoli Camp Naseerabad.

So far, BRSP was able to reach 4,617 livestock farmers through provision of curative and preventive services by treating & vaccinating their 51,450 small and large ruminants in Kohlu and Barkan districts.

(As of 18 Aug. 2010)

10 Laterines set up in IDP camps in Quetta, 10 Cartons of Plumpynuts and 10 Cartons of Amoxyline disturbuted.

Contact Information

Muhammad Panezai,
Manager Social Sector and Relief Operation,

Ph: 081-2471437-9, 0300-838-2190



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