October 16, 2010: Communities fear isolation if roads and bridges not reconstructed before winter.

September 13, 2010: The Pakistan floods are one of this century’s greatest humanitarian disasters. The scale of loss is mind-numbing. This video makes it personal. Please remember these faces. These are not terrorists. They are people like you. For more,

September 6, 2010: In the aftermath of deadly flooding in Pakistan, health and safety concerns are mounting for nearly 8 million children caught in the disaster.

August 22, 2010: Pakistan floods on 60 Minutes (Australia)

Fakhr Alam demonstrates how to pack boxes of relief goods to be sent to the flood affected areas via PIA from the US/UK.

August 14, 2010

Dear Friends,

The Pakistan floods began in July 2010 after record heavy monsoon rains, the worse in the last 80 years. More than 20 million people have been affected, some homeless, others dead, which is more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. As in all disasters, what breaks our harts are the Children, thus we have worked with M-Tribe and Accord Studios to bring you, Do Angels Cry for Pakistan video that we hope can make you think and help them in this critical moments of their life.

We ask you to act, every small donation can make a large difference. Visit Unicef at and read about how you can get involved in this crisis.You can also Text “SWAT” to 50555; $10 goes to fund for flood victims or visit Save The Children at

Thank you
Driss R. Temsamani

Pakistan’s flood crisis is making the spread of disease a fast increasing problem and hospitals are struggling to cope with the sheer volume of affected people. Women and children, especially newborns, are suffering the most from malnourishment. Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from northwest Pakistan.

At least 1,600 people have died and 14 million have lost homes or livelihoods. ActionAid is on the ground now, with a massive relief effort. We urgently need donations to supply food, shelter and clean water.

BBC:  August 12, 2010:  How a tragedy unfolded in Pakistan:  This video shows the unfolding of the disaster during its first two weeks.


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