Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN)

Donate Cash Via:

  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Deposit at Standard Chartered

Account Title Rural Support Programmes Network
Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Address F-7 Markaz Branch, Islamabad, Pakistan
Account No. Rural Support Programmes Network
01-0501436-01 (Pak Rupee A/c)
01-0501437-01 (Foreign Currency A/c)
Swift Code SCBLPKKX (required for foreign exchange donations)

For Your Receipt: After making your donation please email Amina Askari at RSPN, the following details: your donation amount and currency, donation date i.e. date on which funds transferred/cheque sent, account number from where funds are transferred, your bank name from where funds are transferred and your name.


One Response to Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN)

  1. maheen says:

    Just wanted to add Amina Askari’s email address for those who need a receipt.

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