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  1. Habib ur Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Habib. I received call from my Student Muhammad Afzal who is residing at village Muhammad Azeem, taluka Khanpur, District Shikarpur, he said that his village is surrounded by flood water and they are all helpless, they want help from Govt or army for rescue them immediately. His mobile phone number is 03003568025.
    I visit this site and I found your email address, now will you please convey this message to concern department or let me know the email address or ph numbers where I contact for rescue these people. My ph number is 03003151913.
    With Regards

  2. Dear Sir,

    That is disturbing news indeed. Our primarily role is to provide donation information and not direct contact with rescue services, however let me confer with my colleagues and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    P.S: In the meantime it may be worthwhile calling some of the numbers for relief organizations already listed on this website, they maybe near the area or might possess sufficient information to pass your message along to the relevant authorities.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have conferred at length with my colleagues and they are of the opinion that you should contact HANDS since they are in Shikarpur already. The details for HANDS are :

    HANDS Head Office

    140-C, Block II, PECHS, Karachi
    Ph: 021-34532804, 021-34527698

    Zafar Dehraj (Coordinator, Emergency Response): 0302-8222650

  4. do visit ….to see what UNICEF is doing in Balochistan(Pakistan) for the flood affected children.It would be apprectaited if unicef is added on the Pakistan Flood relief list of complete organizations

    Best regards

  5. aminaaser says:

    When did this site go life? Keep up the good work. If there is anything I can help with, please let me know.


  6. abdul says:

    Dear All, I search for help every where but in vain. We are flood affected people and now we are completely helpless. During the flood no one from govt. and no one from any NGO has visit our village Noor Muhammad channa U.C pir hayat shah, deh katcho niwaro sharif, Taluka Sobhodero District Kahirpur (mir’s) Sindh. All NGOs and govt departments are only working in major area or only in that area where some MPA or MNA LIVE. Our complete village and surrounding is ignored from all. What we have benefit of these NGOs and Govt. We are dying at our own risk no body is here to help us.
    By Abdul Rahim channa
    Cell: 03435333512
    CNIC: 45208-0310467-7
    FROM: Village Noor Muhammad Channa Taluka Sobhodero District Kahirpur (mir’s).

  7. Dear Sir,

    Once again we are very troubled and disturbed by the the information you have provided.This is disturbing news indeed. Our primarily role is to provide donation information and not direct contact with rescue services.

    We have instead, emailed all major NGO’s asking them to looking into this and have taken various other steps to ensure that conditions in your village become public knowledge.

    We pray for your safety and we hope that relief organizations reach you quickly.

  8. AOA.
    dear sir, its a great of all the NGOs as well as individuals to make arrange for the displaced ppl all over the country, but i have to point out a little about the thing came in experience that “Thar Deep” is working in Khair pur Nathan Shah (Distt: Dadu,Sindh) to provided food items to the flood effected ppl here, but unfortunately they have still not reach many parts of the area, they were requested to visit but received no positive reply from them for example they were on visit a village Fatehpur and the population of that village is nearly 300 houses, that village is on the west side of “Kuddan Waah” and villagers of Village Gul Muhammad Lander which is only 50 feet away on the east side of above Kuddan wah, but they didnt come over and register the residents and replied to come on the next day but about 12 days has been elapsed and no any person from Thar Deep has turned there, more over the representatives of the above NGO have refused to make any help to the widows and orphans or the families of those labours who are out of home for work. what a joke with those families??? the whole family is present all the children are present and the visit programe was not sheduled but the poor person is out to earn a few rupees to manage the needs of family but the they are being deprived off. you are requested kindly to be pleased enough upon those poor people and make them enable to receive all facilities.

  9. zubair ali says:

    it is stated respectfully,that i fell down in a big problem.
    I belong District Muzafar Garh teh kot adu, Due to flood ,my house is to be destroyed and crops also big effected.
    According to daily news paper jang 15.5 lakh persons and 131293 houses and 6 lakh aikar crops is to be effected .The more effectable area is our area,because we are near to TAUNSA BARRAGE , where flood is started.Now i am not in possition to construct my house and also recovered my cultivation.I request to you bring me out fo this trouble by managing maximum finacial help.I shall be very thankful to you for act of this kindness.
    you dont know me.if you visit our area, i feel happy.

    Zubair Ali

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