Indus Resource Center: This Eid, Sacrifice with a Difference

Give a goat to a flood affected woman, and help her raise an income.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority in Sindh, 236,114 animals have died in the flood catastrophe in Sindh only. Apart from creation of scarcity of meat,this has impoverished thousands of flood affected families as animals are the only assets for many of them, and the only source of milk for their children. Instead of sacrificing your animal this year and sending the meat for distribution to the flood affected families, help them develop the assets they have lost, and to stand on their own feet.

Giving animals to flood affected families for breeding purposes will be a good way to provide an asset to them and lead to greater income and food stability rather than a one time distribution of meat. Therefore, you may wish to compliment or divert your ‘qurbani’ budget for actually breeding animals through rural women. Indus Resource Centre (IRC) will identify women of affected families who have returned to their villages, purchase goats and manage other logistics of the transfer. IRC will also train women groups in preventive and curative health of animals — vaccination, common ailments and their remedies, nutrition tips. The goats will be purchased shortly after Eid ul Azha and an initial market survey reveals that a milking goat will cost Rs 9,000 to 10,000.

Please donate generously for this purpose.

Our bank details are as follows:

Title A/C: Indus Resource Centre Habib Bank LTD
US$ A/c# : 00120250022610
PKR A/C#: 00120001651403B
Branch Code #: 0012
Address: Zamzama Branch, D.H.A Phase V, Karachi

OR send your cheques in the name of Indus Resource Centre at the following address:

Indus Resource Centre D-42, Block 1, Clifton, Near Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi

Please note that if you’re mailing a cheque, attach a note with it, indicating that it is for this project in particular. If you’re directly depositing the funds to the bank account or donating through PayPal, please email Sadiqa Salahuddin, the Executive Director, at <> to let her know that it is for this purpose and she will ensure that your donation is allocated to this project.

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1 Response to Indus Resource Center: This Eid, Sacrifice with a Difference

  1. zubair ali says:

    it is stated respectfully,that i fell down in a big problem.
    I belong District Muzafar Garh teh kot adu, Due to flood ,my house is to be destroyed and crops also big effected.
    According to daily news paper jang 15.5 lakh persons and 131293 houses and 6 lakh aikar crops is to be effected .The more effectable area is our area,because we are near to TAUNSA BARRAGE , where flood is started.Now i am not in possition to construct my house and also recovered my cultivation.I request to you bring me out fo this trouble by managing maximum finacial help.I shall be very thankful to you for act of this kindness.
    you dont know me.if you visit our area, i feel happy.

    Zubair Ali

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