Clothes Donation- Cost Sharing Offer (Please read Disclaimer)

Dear All,

We recently received this email regarding clothes donations. Please take a look at it and pass it on to any one you think may be able to help in this matter. Get in touch with the author of this email directly at :

My name is Shahzad i own a garment stock lot business and would like to donate 5000 polo t-shirts and 1500 trousers for the flood victims sharing more then 75 percent of the cost if you have any donor who can share the 25 percent i would be glad to help , the cost per piece will be as low as 25 rupees for the polo and 45 rupees for dress pants. If you would like to visit, my warehouse is at S.I.T.E Karachi i would be glad to show you around. The polo T-shirts are a  B Fresh export lot , 2000 pcs single packed and 3000 packed in bundles of 50 which i would like to donate with a contribution of Rupees 25 only per piece. This is a canceled shipment which was due to South Africa last month. I am trying myself to find a donor. The amount I am asking for is the extra cost of labor, packing and transport the actual cost of the goods are paid by the company,  If you can arrange a donor for the stock me and my partner would also like to donate some winter jackets, sweaters and jeans which would be of no charge.

Details are as follows:

4000 pcs of Polo T-Shirts.
1000 pcs of Round Neck T-shirts.
1500 pcs of Dress Pants.
1000 pcs (Approx.) mix lot of hoodies,thick warm long sleeve round neck t-shirts , jackets etc.
1000 pcs (Approx.) of cotton made printed night shirts and pajamas.

All above items are ready for delivery. After a meeting with my partner we have decided to donate them at less then 25% of the actual cost which is as follows:

Polo t-shirts = Rs:25/- per piece
Round neck = Rs: 20/- per piece
Dress pants = Rs:45/- per piece
mix lot of warm clothes = Rs: 80/- per piece
night dress and pajamas = Rs: 45/- per piece

God bless all the poor and homeless people who have lost all they had, I am just doing a little bit of my part.

Disclaimer: The Pakistan Flood Relief Team is unable to vouch for the authenticity of this email and in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection to this email. Interested parties are required to exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this email and to make their own inquiries.
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