PAKISTAN : Hundreds of thousands of people living in highly precarious conditions

For Stéphane Lobjois, Handicap International’s head of mission in Pakistan, the situation facing flood victims remains highly critical.

Handicap International How has the situation changed since the start of the flooding?

The Khyber Pakhtunkwa region (KPK in the North West) was the first to be hit in early August. However, the floods gradually spread south to Sind like a wave moving slowly towards the sea. The Sind region and particularly the district of Thatta is still at the emergency stage. There are more than 200,000 people living in highly-precarious conditions in camps. The flooding is not over and most areas are still affected by the water. Needs in terms of health, food and shelter remain acute. We have also noted that some minorities do not have access to aid. In these situations, the most vulnerable still face a strong risk of disease and diarrhoea.

The situation is not improving because in the north people who have lost their homes and belongings will experience harsh winter conditions, including snow, within a matter of weeks.

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Sources: ReliefWeb, Handicap International

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