The James Caan Foundation: Build A Village Project

The “Build A Village” Concept

In order to help those who have been affected to regain a sense of normality in their lives, and to look to a brighter future, we need to help them get their lives back on track. They need a home, access to medication and clean water, and the children need to remain in education.

The James Caan Foundation has created a model to rebuild villages.

1.       Identify a village

Using our networks on the ground in Pakistan, we are able to identify a village. The JCF team are traveling out next month to make the final selection.

2.       Identify partners

Having selected the village, the JCF will then identify the key trusted organizations that are operating in the chosen area. These agencies will deliver components necessary in this project. These include construction, water, sanitation, education and child protection and health care.

3.       Identify Costs

The JCF alongside Hamilton Bradshaw, private equity specialists, will work together to put forward a comprehensive and efficient cost plan for the delivery of the project. They will identify key milestones that need to be achieved before parting with the funds.

4.       Rebuild and Reconstruct

The JCF will project manage the procurement of the project, managing the partners and ensuring the project is executed within the identified time frame. The JCF team will track and monitor the progress of the village by frequent visits to the area as well as platforms provided for by our partners.

Third Party Partners

Since the inception of the “Build A Village” concept, the JCF has received support from a range of individuals, corporates, aid agencies and state departments. These include JustGiving who are carrying our campaign banner on their home page to join in our fund raising efforts; Google are working with us to ensure complete transparency and facilitate the monitoring of our Village project by using Google Maps to map the progress of the construction; John O’Brien is also coordinating efforts on behalf of HRH Prince of Wales by endorsing our upcoming Seeing is Believing trip to Pakistan, to name but a few.

Next Steps

The JCF has estimated the cost of the village to be £250,000. This includes the rebuild of between 130- 150 dwellings for on average 1,000 people and the delivery of a working health care solution as well as education and clean water facilities. Evidently, this cost will vary from village, and will be finalized once the village and partners have been selected.

To gain support for the Build A Village project in Pakistan, James is organizing a visit of 15 – 20 British delegates to visit the affected areas in Pakistan on the 10- 11th October, 2010. The purpose of this visit is to raise awareness of the aftermath of the floods and the desperation of those who have survived; as well as raise funds to start rebuilding villages in the affected areas, which the James Caan Foundation will manage.

For any more information,  visit their website:

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