OCHA: Monsoon Floods Situation Report # 24

This report was issued by UNOCHA Pakistan. It covers the period from 9 to 14 September. The next report will be issued on or around 17 September.


• The emergency continues to unfold in the southernmost province of Sindh. Additional towns and villages in Dadu and Jamshoro districts have been flooded in recent days, as Manchar Lake breached its banks.

• The health cluster warns of an increased risk of malaria, particularly in the south, in the coming days and weeks.

• A fully revised floods response plan, the Floods Emergency Response Plan (FERP), will be launched in New York on 17 September by United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos.

• Though 74% of the requirements set out in the Pakistan Initial Floods Emergency Response Plan (PIFERP) have now been covered, massively scaled up donor support will be needed to meet the increased requirements set out in the FERP.

Click here to view the full report. (pdf format – 260.9 Kbytes)


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