DEC-Story of a Flood Victim

Waiting on a rooftop for three days

Case%20Study%20-%20Nasreen%20and%20her%20childrenBefore the floods hit Pakistan, Nasreen, her husband Rasi and their three children lived in a mud house near the river in the Nowshera district of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province. Razi worked as a labourer and the family owned two cows.

Then the heavy monsoon rains started to fall and the river began to flood. At six in the morning as the water rose towards the roof of their home. Nasreen and her family decided to make a dash for the tallest building in their neighbourhood: the local school.

For three days they crammed together on the rooftop of the school with more than 100 people from houses close to the river, exposed to the elements and waiting to be rescued, or at least for something to eat. After three days on the roof, food supplies were dropped from helicopters and later that day airlifts began to lift people to higher ground, out of the reach of the swirling torrent of mud and water.

Though safer, the conditions at the camp where they have now taken refuge are hardly ideal. Nasreen and her children share a classroom at the local high school with about 50 others. Overcrowding is contributing to the stifling, suffocating heat and stench in each of its rooms.

Last week, they were provided with some relief when World Vision began an emergency food distribution in the area, giving out food parcels containing milk, bread, snacks, biscuits and water to more than 7,000 people at the school and in surrounding areas.

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