Content Update-WHO/Syed Haider photo essay on Pakistan floods added

Health of millions at risk from Pakistan floods

Picture courtesy of WHO/Syed Haider

Pakistan’s flood crisis has affected over 15 million people, with at least six million needing life-saving humanitarian assistance, including health care. Access to health care, including routine services, is difficult as monsoonal rains and raging flood waters have damaged or destroyed more than 200 hospitals and clinics.

WHO is coordinating the international health response. Medicines for close to two million people have already been delivered and thousands of people have been treated for water-borne diseases, such as diarrhoea, skin infections, acute respiratory illnesses and malaria. Vaccination campaigns have begun in some flood-affected areas. Health services must continue for mothers to deliver babies, for cancer patients to receive treatment and for people with mental and psychosocial health concerns to receive support. Dozens of mobile clinics have been sent to treat survivors. New hubs to deliver health care in the worst-affected areas are being established.

This photo gallery shows the impact of the floods, health problems resulting from it and some of the medical response

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