Counseling Training for Volunteers Working with Flood Victims

Basic Counseling Training for Volunteers by The Recovery House

The Recovery House is a residential and day treatment facility for people living with mental illness. Comprised of a team of psychologists, therapists, and mental health care practitioners, The Recovery House team is seeking partners for providing psychosocial support to people displaced by the floods.


  • Enhance skills of volunteers in counseling & psychosocial support.
  • Enhance coping skills for people experiencing loss and devastation.
  • Relieve stress for people displaced by the floods. The Recovery House is seeking NGOs and civil society groups to enhance the knowledge and skills of volunteers to deal with the psychological and emotional dimensions of displacement and loss resulting from the floods.

What we offer:

  • Trained counselors with experience in working with displaced persons.
  • In-depth training in:
  1. Crisis events and psychosocial support;
  2. Stress & Coping;
  3. Loss & Grief;
  4. Psychological first aid &Supportive Communication;
  5. Supporting Volunteers & Staff;
  • Expertise in using art and music as a means of healing and coping.
  • Experience in breathing, yoga and meditation to relieve stress and manage anxiety. What we are looking for in potential NGO’s/Trainees.
  • Are they mobilized? Do they have the required resources to reach affected persons and provide them with facilities?
  • Are the volunteers committed to receiving training? Are they interested in learning, utilizing and passing on the skills that will be taught to them?
  • Is the organization capable of providing training support, such as a venue adequate for the training? What we are willing to provide.
  • Psychosocial training and support & materials.

Topics to include:

  • Reflective listening skills for psycho-social support.
  • Art & Music for relaxation and self expression.
  • Dealing with trauma and loss.
  • Coping skills to manage anxiety and depression.

Contact Us:

Telephone: (021)3586-3413; (021)3587-3946 Mobile: 0302-8260371

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3 Responses to Counseling Training for Volunteers Working with Flood Victims

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  2. madiha says:

    i want to work for flood victims, i am a student of behavioural sciences in fatima jinnah women university, rawalpindi.
    please give me guide line through emails because i couldnt join u directly

  3. madiha says:

    sorry i see your comments know i am doing my thesis on flood effected children. pleas give me instructions time by time.

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