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UN humanitarian agency: Pakistan flooding victims still in urgent need of support

One hundred days into Pakistan’s worst ever flooding crisis, United Nations humanitarian coordinators are drawing attention to the plight of the millions of Pakistanis who remain in urgent need of support, following the rains and floods which swept away entire communities.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHAsays that the situation for those impacted by the floods is desperate, with an estimated 14 million people in need of urgent assistance. Many face serious challenges on a daily basis, relying on the supply of safe drinking water, food, health care and shelter, especially as the harsh winter begins and temperatures drop in northern Pakistan. “At this time it is critical, more than ever, for countries to demonstrate commitment to the people of Pakistan,” said the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Assistance to Pakistan, Rauf Engin Soysal. “Millions remain in need of immediate help,” he said.

In addition, the Pakistan Floods Relief and Early Recovery Response Plan – set up by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations to help meet the immediate relief needs of flood-affected communities – is still in urgent need of support. So far, its funding is only at 40 per cent of the required $1.93 billion.

“The initial solidarity demonstrated in the early days of the crisis must be re-energized if Pakistan is not to be forgotten,” said the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Pakistan, Martin Mogwanja.

OCHA says resources are crucial for relief and rehabilitation operations to meet the large scale needs of those affected by the floods in the south, while providing temporary shelter in the north with ‘one warm room’ in every home to keep flood-affected families warm while they rebuild.

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEFwarns that without significant new funding now, life assistance and recovery work will need to be scaled back in the new year. UNICEF has received $134 million of its $251 million revised appeal – without additional funding, programmes and staffing in child health, education, protection, water and sanitation and nutrition will be cut back.

The UN and its partners have provided food and emergency shelter for some six million people in the country over the last month, emergency shelter has been provided for 3.9 million people, 2.5 million receive safe drinking water, and 5.9 million people have benefited from essential health care.

Source: UN News Centre

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Indus Resource Center: This Eid, Sacrifice with a Difference

Give a goat to a flood affected woman, and help her raise an income.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority in Sindh, 236,114 animals have died in the flood catastrophe in Sindh only. Apart from creation of scarcity of meat,this has impoverished thousands of flood affected families as animals are the only assets for many of them, and the only source of milk for their children. Instead of sacrificing your animal this year and sending the meat for distribution to the flood affected families, help them develop the assets they have lost, and to stand on their own feet.

Giving animals to flood affected families for breeding purposes will be a good way to provide an asset to them and lead to greater income and food stability rather than a one time distribution of meat. Therefore, you may wish to compliment or divert your ‘qurbani’ budget for actually breeding animals through rural women. Indus Resource Centre (IRC) will identify women of affected families who have returned to their villages, purchase goats and manage other logistics of the transfer. IRC will also train women groups in preventive and curative health of animals — vaccination, common ailments and their remedies, nutrition tips. The goats will be purchased shortly after Eid ul Azha and an initial market survey reveals that a milking goat will cost Rs 9,000 to 10,000.

Please donate generously for this purpose.

Our bank details are as follows:

Title A/C: Indus Resource Centre Habib Bank LTD
US$ A/c# : 00120250022610
PKR A/C#: 00120001651403B
Branch Code #: 0012
Address: Zamzama Branch, D.H.A Phase V, Karachi

OR send your cheques in the name of Indus Resource Centre at the following address:

Indus Resource Centre D-42, Block 1, Clifton, Near Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi

Please note that if you’re mailing a cheque, attach a note with it, indicating that it is for this project in particular. If you’re directly depositing the funds to the bank account or donating through PayPal, please email Sadiqa Salahuddin, the Executive Director, at <> to let her know that it is for this purpose and she will ensure that your donation is allocated to this project.

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UN News Centre: Ban calls on world to speed up funding for $2 billion flood appeal

5 October 2010 – The $2 billion appeal for aid for Pakistani flood victims, the largest-ever launched by the United Nations and its partners for a natural disaster, is just 34 per cent funded, and Secretary-General Ban Ki–moon today called for a generous and swift international response.
The appeal was launched a month ago, more than quadrupling the original $460 million sought in August as the full scope of the floods became clear.

The disaster has claimed some 2,000 lives, exposing over 20 million others to homelessness, malnutrition, risks of epidemics and loss of livelihood as the waters steamrolled down from north to south, damaging or destroying nearly 1.9 million homes and devastating at least 160,000 square kilometres.

“I continue to urge the international community to respond generously and swiftly to urgent relief and recovery needs, as well as to reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts,” Mr. Ban told a ministerial meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan, a forum set up on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly’s annual meeting in 2008.

“I look forward to the presentation by the Government of its national reconstruction and development plan,” he added in his message, delivered by Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe, to the event in Brussels.

Nearly $690 million has come in so far, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs said at a news briefing in Geneva, underscoring that much remains to be received and warning that the crisis is far from being over.

She noted that returns in the hard-hit southern Sindh province included some 386,000 people out of 1.4 million living in camps and informal settlements, but that many people remained trapped by stagnant flood waters and required urgent support.

There are also reports of people returning home and facing secondary displacement as a result of a lack of clean water sources and access to basic services, and the situation in Sindh remains of great concern, with food, shelter, drinking water, medication and hygiene urgently needed, she added.

Ms. Byrs also drew attention to the situation in the northern Kyber Pakhtunkhwa province where a winter contingency plan is being developed under the leadership of provincial authorities with support from OCHA. An interagency security and rapid needs assessment mission is also underway in South Waziristan to ascertain the feasibility of returns.

UN World Health Organization (WHO) spokesman Paul Garwood told the briefing that increasing numbers of acute respiratory infections cases have been seen in northern Pakistan, particularly in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa and northern Punjab, while concerns persists over malaria in Baluchistan.

Local authorities, UN agencies and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners are making strong efforts to respond to these threats through public awareness campaigns and stockpiling medicines in hospitals. So far, WHO and health providers, including the Government, have treated more than 7 million patients since 29 July for a range of conditions mainly diarrhoea, malaria, acute respiratory infections and skin diseases.

In his message to the Brussels meeting today, Mr. Ban reaffirmed UN support for the Friends process, which provides a comprehensive framework for reviewing progress across the political, strategic and reform agenda.

“Reform is crucial for strengthening peace and stability in the border areas and in preventing future conflict,” he said. “I continue to urge the international community to support Pakistan’s efforts to implement the recommendations of the Post Crisis Needs Assessment exercise.

“The United Nations will also stand with Pakistan in facing the challenge of violent extremism and in furthering the democratic transformation of the country. Accountable, civilian-led democracy is critical for the stability of Pakistan, the region and the wider world.”

Source: UN News Centre



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AP: Pakistan flood victims going into debt to rebuild

NOWSHERA, Pakistan (AP) — With their villages in shambles, winter on its way and government help slow to arrive, Pakistan’s flood victims are scrambling to rebuild their homes. Many are taking on debt…..Click here to read the full article.

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Clothes Donation- Cost Sharing Offer (Please read Disclaimer)

Dear All,

We recently received this email regarding clothes donations. Please take a look at it and pass it on to any one you think may be able to help in this matter. Get in touch with the author of this email directly at :

My name is Shahzad i own a garment stock lot business and would like to donate 5000 polo t-shirts and 1500 trousers for the flood victims sharing more then 75 percent of the cost if you have any donor who can share the 25 percent i would be glad to help , the cost per piece will be as low as 25 rupees for the polo and 45 rupees for dress pants. If you would like to visit, my warehouse is at S.I.T.E Karachi i would be glad to show you around. The polo T-shirts are a  B Fresh export lot , 2000 pcs single packed and 3000 packed in bundles of 50 which i would like to donate with a contribution of Rupees 25 only per piece. This is a canceled shipment which was due to South Africa last month. I am trying myself to find a donor. The amount I am asking for is the extra cost of labor, packing and transport the actual cost of the goods are paid by the company,  If you can arrange a donor for the stock me and my partner would also like to donate some winter jackets, sweaters and jeans which would be of no charge.

Details are as follows:

4000 pcs of Polo T-Shirts.
1000 pcs of Round Neck T-shirts.
1500 pcs of Dress Pants.
1000 pcs (Approx.) mix lot of hoodies,thick warm long sleeve round neck t-shirts , jackets etc.
1000 pcs (Approx.) of cotton made printed night shirts and pajamas.

All above items are ready for delivery. After a meeting with my partner we have decided to donate them at less then 25% of the actual cost which is as follows:

Polo t-shirts = Rs:25/- per piece
Round neck = Rs: 20/- per piece
Dress pants = Rs:45/- per piece
mix lot of warm clothes = Rs: 80/- per piece
night dress and pajamas = Rs: 45/- per piece

God bless all the poor and homeless people who have lost all they had, I am just doing a little bit of my part.

Disclaimer: The Pakistan Flood Relief Team is unable to vouch for the authenticity of this email and in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection to this email. Interested parties are required to exercise due diligence in ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this email and to make their own inquiries.
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MSNBC: Pakistan flood damage estimated at $9.5 billion

ISLAMABAD — International lenders are estimating that this summer’s floods caused $9.5 billion in damage to Pakistan’s infrastructure, agriculture and other sectors, a government official said Wednesday.

The estimate, drafted by the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank in consultation with Pakistani leaders, underscores the financial challenges facing Pakistan, a U.S.-allied nation that is battling an Islamist insurgency and was relying on international loans before the deluge.

Click here to read the full article.

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Pakistan: “I See People Rebuilding, Replanting, Reclaiming Lives”

Amjad Jamal a WFP spokesman in Pakistan, has been in the thick of his country’s humanitarian crisis since the monsoon floods started in early August. Now, more than two months on, he says that millions of people are at work reclaiming their lives with the help of a massive food assistance effort.

Click here to read the interview.

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